Freedom and Refoundation press release

Tegucigalpa M.D.C., 12 December 2017 Engineer Salvador Alejandro Cesar Nasralla President Elect of the Republic Alliance in Opposition against the Dictatorship Present Dear Elected President, We, members of the National Committee and Bench of Parliamentarians of the Freedom and Refoundation Party LIBRE, gathered in a extraordinary meeting on this date, we subscribe to this present unrestricted Letter of Support for the defence of the unquestionable electoral victory of your candidature, expressed clearly by the Honduran people on the recent date of 26 November 2017.
Two weeks after the popular decision, the dictatorial regime of Juan Orlando Hernández, seeks to impose by force and manipulation, his disgraceful plunderous regime that auctions off our homeland’s sovereignty. Added to the treachery of bipartism, we are faced with the immoral intervention from the government of United States of North America, which seeks to legitimise the dictatorship, against all decency.
In this way, we wish to put to your disposition all the organic structure of our party at the national level, to fight head-on, against the imposition of the bipartisan dictatorship. It is with this conviction that we declare ourselves ready for the general and permanent mobilisation, in all the regions of the country, up until the definitive defeat of this illegitimate regime and its shameful fraude. In the name of all our bases, we are disposed to assume the patriotic and conclusive decisions that our Honduras needs to leave behind for once and for all this dark hour which has been cast over us. Until permanent victory José Manuel Zelaya Rosales Constitutional President 2006-2010 General Coordinator Urgente Communique The Assembly of the authorities of the National Committee of the Liberty and Refoundation Party, gathered in our headquarters this day, we wish to communicate with all our structures and bases at the national level the following:
1. We make a firm call out for UNITY from all the Honduran people, to defend the victory of the Candidate of Alianza de Oposición Salvador Nasralla.
This is a crucial moment of struggle and sacrifice. Under no circumstances do we accept arguments that seeks to destroy or divide our cause. We won the elections and nobody should have doubts about this Victory.
2. We call for the immediate and permanent mobilisation in the towns, villages and all the corners of the country, until the dictatorship hands back the power that it lost in the ballot boxes of 26 November 2017. Our mission is to defend every vote, defend our victory, defend to the last consequences the conclusive voice of the people.
3. To continue with our actions of defence of triumph, the invitation is out for national mobilization, on all the highways, on Friday 15 December from 6am in the morning. All the bases should follow guidelines that will be communicated through the provincial and municipal coordinations, the parliamentarians, mayors and councillors.
4. We reject vehemently the shameful intervention of the North American Embassy in Honduras, which endorses and tries to legitimate the criminal electoral fraude committed by the dictatorship. It is immoral that they try to give us lessons of democracy, when they validate the least legitimate in the world, just to maintain the impunity to serve their business interests, against the interests of our people.
5. We express our Unanimous and Unconditional Support to the General Coordinator of our Party, José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, against whom the United States tries to snatch away our victory, by the means of pretexts and manipulation behind the backs of the Honduran people. Our principles define us against the practices of those who believe themselves to be the masters of the world and promote wars, invasions, coups and fraude; we support our Coordinator in the permanent defence of these principles.
6. We ratify our total support to the President elect, Salvador Nasralla, and to all our candidates of the popular election, whose results we defend without any reservations. As the people we are the subjects of the victory, and we will defend it with our lives if that is needed. Tegucigalpa, MDC 12 December 2017 National Coordination Liberty and Refoundation Party LIBRE

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